Starting a Charity or Foundation

Helping good people do great things!

This is our call in the community. Many individuals who dream of making a difference in our community and beyond find themselves exploring the option of establishing a private foundation or new registered charity.

Establishing a private foundation is an involved process and requires long-term, multi-generational commitment to operating the financial and granting management processes of a foundation. The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation works as an effective, efficient and affordable alternative to establishing a private foundation. Our services can also accomodate providing philanthropic and administrative services to existing private foundations. Contact us to learn more!

Starting a new charity may seem like a wonderful way to address a unique or overlooked need in our community or in our world. However, the process of registering a charity in Canada can be lengthy and requires commitment to creating and implementing a business plan to raise funds, staff and operate the charity in a complex regulatory environment. The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation would encourage those looking to incorporate a new charity to begin by researching existing charities in Canada - with over 90,000 registered charities in Canada, chances are good that you may be able to find an existing organization to partner with. Another option is to work with the Community Foundation to establish a fund to make grants to existing charities in an area of interest that you may have.

A resource available to those researching the process of establishing a new charity is Starting and Maintaining a Charity in Canada by Adam Aptowitzer, LLP and is available for purchase online.

We work with individuals and groups looking to grow their impact through philanthropy on a daily basis - contact us to tell us more about your plans and to explore how we might be able to assist!


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