Receive Support

The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation supports the granting activities of over 100 individual funds and foundations. Applications from qualified donees are solicited on behalf of the following funds:

The Lorne & Evelyn Johnson Foundation

The Moffat Family Foundation

The Smart and Caring Fund

The Bill and Helen Davidson Foundation

Canada 150 Fund



Valerie Whalley Education Fund

Wison Family Scholarships

SASW Scholarship

Brandt Scholarship

Jamieson Family Legacy Scholarship

and more...


The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation holds a large number of donor-advised funds and foundations which do not accept applications from organizations. If you would like to ask one of our donor-advised fund-holders to consider a major-gift, project, operating fund, building campaign or other fundraising proposal, please be in touch with the Community Foundation to discuss the details of your organization and its needs. We act as a bridge and often as a match-maker between donors and the community initiatives that matter to them.



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