Moffat Family Fund Application Guidelines

Background and Purpose

Created at The Winnipeg Foundation in December of 2001, the Moffat Family Fund represents a vision for “a Canadian society where all individuals have equal opportunities to develop their potential.” The Fund, which consists of the annual interest from a large investment, is directed to programs giving children and families an equal chance in society and is designated for distribution in communities where the Moffat family operated their media businesses – radio, TV and cable.

The funds are for charitable agencies and programs that fulfill the family’s vision. According to family spokesperson Randy Moffat, that is to create “tangible results in improved lives and realized potential for children and families who have not had to the same good fortune and opportunities that my family and I enjoy.”

The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation Inc., is facilitating applications for these grants.


Deadline: February 29

  1. For the purposes of applying, organizations that do not have a registration number may affiliate with ones that do, in which case they must have a letter of endorsement.
  2. Grants are not made to support projects, which are normally financed by public tax funds.
  3. Priority will be given to both innovative projects that will benefit families with children and youths and important charitable causes.
  4. Requests are not normally considered on a continuing or ongoing basis.
  5. Grants are not made for the publication of books, magazines, films, tapes or other media of communication including funding for computers, computer software, etc.
  6. Grants are not normally made for endowments, contingencies, reserves or deficit financing.
  7. Priorities of the Foundation are the City of Moose Jaw and District.
  8. A report on how a grant has been expended is required. Any unused portion of the grant must be returned to the Foundation.

General Information

  1. Submissions should be made in writing to the Foundation by returning the application form provided by the Foundation and all supplemental information requested, together with any information deemed necessary by the applicant.
  2. Any further details required will be requested by the Executive Director or other person designated by the Directors.
  3. Personal interviews with, or presentations to, the Directors, individually or collectively, are not favored.
  4. The Executive Director will advise the applicant of the decision of the Directors.
  5. A decision on an application, once made by the Directors, is final. This does not, however, preclude the submission of another application at a later date.
  6. Two types of grants will be considered: Equipment Grants and Special Grants.

Equipment Grants: for the acquisition of new or used equipment used to deliver programs or services consistent with the aims of the Moffat Family Fund.
Special Grants: for the delivery of special programs or projects specifically designed to meet community needs that are consistent with the aims of the Moffat Family Fund.

Method to Apply for Grant

Provide two copies of:

  1. Application for grant form.
  2. Annual financial statements, preferably audited if the organization has been in existence for more than a year.
  3. Copies of your last two annual reports, if available.
  4. All pertinent material that the applicant feels will help in the evaluation of the application.
  5. If the organization making an application does not have a Department of Revenue registration number, a letter of endorsement from an agency that does and with which it is affiliated.

Download Application Form (PDF) Apply Online


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