Smart and Caring Fund Application Guidelines

Deadline for Applications is September 1


Smart and Caring South Saskatchewan Community Fund Grant Program:

Guidelines and Criteria:

The purpose of the Smart and Caring Fund is to allow the SSCF to respond to areas of focus identified in the annual Vital Signs report.

Currently, grants in the range of $500 to $2,000 may be awarded to successful applicants.

We grant to charitable activities that promote and enhance vibrant, healthy and caring communities in southern Saskatchewan.

The SSCF is actively seeking donations to grow our Smart & Caring SSCF Fund to be able to provide larger and a greater number of grants annually, to the many charities in our community that work hard in making southern Saskatchewan a vibrant, healthy & caring community and a great place to live, work and play!

  1. Grants are made to organizations which have a Canada Revenue Agency registration number and/or qualified scholarship programs. A receipt is required.
  2. Grants are not made to support projects normally financed by public tax funds.
  3. Requests are not normally considered on a continuing or ongoing basis.
  4. Contributions will not be made to organizations engaged in multiple activities, which might redistribute foundation grants to other organizations.
  5. Grants for advertising and marketing costs will not be considered.
  6. Grants are not made for endowments, contingencies, operating or deficit financing.
  7. Priorities of the Foundation are for the benefit of communities in southern Saskatchewan.
  8. A report on how a grant has been expended and the impact it has made toward ‘building a better community’ is required.
  9. Grants will not be made for any political purposes.
  10. Grants are not made to any religious organizations where the funds would be used to further the organization’s religious purposes.
  11. No grants will be made which discriminate as to race, creed or ethnic groups.


  1. Submissions are to be made to the foundation by using our online application form.
  2. SSCF office may request further details, if required.
  3. Personal interviews or presentations to the Board of Directors, either individually or collectively, are not favored.
  4. SSCF office will advise the applicant of the decisions of the Directors.
  5. The decision made in regards to the application is final.

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