Valerie Whalley Education Foundation Fund Guidelines

Applicant Guidelines and Criteria for 2015

This scholarship is available to students whose home residence is in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, or Ontario.

Applying for this scholarship does not guarantee that an applicant will receive funds from this scholarship.  Only a successful applicant chosen by the Selection Committee shall be eligible to receive funds.   There are a limited number of scholarships available each year.  The Selection Committee will award the scholarship to the most qualified applicant.

An applicant must qualify in order to receive a scholarship from this Fund.

A qualified applicant:

1.0 Is a person whose parent, spouse, sister, brother, step-sister, step-brother or guardian has died in a motor vehicle accident involving an impaired driver.


1.0.1   “Impaired driver” includes a person who has been convicted of a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada involving the impairment of one’s ability to operate a motor vehicle as a result of alcohol or drugs.

1.0.2   Where a criminal conviction did not occur, "impaired driver" includes a person who, in the opinion of a police force responsible for completing the investigation of an accident, concluded that the consumption of alcohol or drugs was a contributing factor to the motor vehicle accident.

1.0.3   Where the impaired driver was killed as a result of the motor vehicle crash, then the findings of a coroner’s inquest or report shall be accepted as evidence of impairment if so indicated.

1.1 Attends a post-secondary educational institution on a full-time basis for both the current and upcoming fall and winter semesters. The applicant must be enrolled in a minimum of three courses per semester, or in a full term cooperative work term/studies program.
1.2 Attends an “Approved post-secondary educational institution” as defined to be a university, college, technical or trade school in any province or territory in Canada who are members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, Association of Community Colleges and shall include the following faith based institutes, Ambrose College, Trinity Western, Crandall University and Tyndale University and College Seminary. A copy of the qualifying institutions is available upon request from the SSCF and the Valerie Whalley Education Foundation Fund.
1.3 Must have completed their first year of Post Secondary Education and are enrolled for the upcoming year at an approved post-secondary educational institute.
1.4 Must be a Canadian citizen and have resided in Canada no less than five years prior to applying for this scholarship.
1.5 Has not been convicted of:
  • impaired driving
  • dangerous driving causing death or bodily harm
  • impaired driving causing death or bodily harm
  • any alcohol or drug related driving offense


 or similar

1.6 Special Considerations:

1.6.1   Attention will be given to applicants who are not receiving financial support from other sources.

1.6.2   Applicants who are actively volunteering in charitable activities or associations will be given special consideration.

1.6.3   Where the successful applicant has been prevented from engaging in post-secondary studies as a result of a serious health condition of the applicant or an immediate family member or due to the death of an immediate family member, the Selection Committee may at it’s discretion grant a one year deferral of the scholarship award.

1.7 Except as specified in clause 1.6.3, recipients must maintain full-time enrolment to receive this scholarship. Any recipient discontinuing their program of study prior to the completion of the fall and winter terms will be required to reimburse the Foundation for the scholarship they received.
1.8 Must apply annually and may be eligible to receive a scholarship for a maximum of three individual years.
1.9 Is encouraged to include photocopies of any relevant information that may assist the Selection Committee in evaluating their application.
1.10 Application Forms:
  • Applicants must use the application forms provided by the Fund.
  • Applicants must print clearly or type when completing their applications.
    Applications which are not legible will not be considered.
  • Applications will only be considered for the year in which they are submitted.
  • Incomplete Application Forms, at the discretion of the Selection Committee, may not be considered or may be disqualified.
  • Applications may be submitted by:
    • using the ONLINE application forms which must be submitted by midnight March 1st.
    • Application forms submitted by email must be received by midnight March 1st.
    • Regular Post Mail application forms must be postmarked no later than March 1st.
1.11 Applications: How to Apply
a. Applicants must provide a completed Application Form.
(Online or Printed Application Form)
b. Provide Employment History, Volunteer Activities, and Leadership & Extracurricular Activities Forms.
1.12 Verification:
Applicants are requested to provide verification of the individual’s death as claimed in this application (Guidelines and Criteria - Section  1.0).  A copy of a Death or Funeral Director’s Certificate is preferred.  However, a death notice, Physician’s or Minister’s letter of verification will be considered.  This documentation can be submitted as an attachment with the Online Application or sent by email, fax or regular post mail.
b. Successful Applicants may be required to provide additional information to validate information or claims made in their application.

*** If you have questions or need assistance with meeting the requirements of clause 1.12 please contact the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation and this Fund for assistance.

1.13 Optional:
a. Applicants may include a two page typed submission elaborating on how receiving funds from this scholarship would impact their lives, education or further support them in reaching their long term goals.
All submissions must be typed. (Double Spaced Arial or Times New Roman Font Size 12 only!)
b. Applicants may include photocopies of any information or documents they feel would assist the Selection Committee in making their decision.
1.14 Transcripts:

All applicants must provide a copy or photocopy of their current transcript with their application in order to verify attendance in the most recent fall and winter semesters or cooperative work term programs. Transcripts may be attached to the Application  if sending via regular Post Mail or may be sent via Email or attached to the Online Application form in the Upload Documents section.

Regular Post Mailing Address:

Valerie Whalley Education Foundation Fund
c/o South Saskatchewan Community Foundation
3934 Gordon Rd.
Regina, SK S4S 6Y3
Selection Process:
1.15 A Selection Committee will review all applications. It may on rare occasions be necessary to conduct interviews in order to make a final determination for the recipient of this scholarship. If interviews are required, they will be conducted either by conference call or electronic media such as Skype or Windows Live Chat. Notification of an interview, including date and time will be arranged by the Chair of the Selection Committee should they be necessary.
1.16 Successful applicants will be notified by the Foundation at which time all additional forms and documentation required in order to receive funds from this scholarship must be provided. Only those selected as a successful recipient of this scholarship will be notified.
Successful Applicants:
1.17 Must provide a valid Social Insurance Number to the foundation.
1.18 Will be required to provide an Enrolment Verification Form to the Foundation. This form will be provided by the foundation to the successful applicant. This form must be completed and returned directly to the foundation prior to funds being dispersed.
1.19 Must provide a Criminal Records Check verifying they meet the requirements of section 1.5.
1.20 Successful Applicant Transcripts:

Individuals chosen as a Successful Applicant of this scholarship fund will be notified and required to provide an Official Transcript to the Foundation. Failure to provide an Official Transcript as requested will disqualify the applicant.

Official Transcripts must be sent directly from the institution of study to the Foundation by August 1st. Copies or photocopies submitted by the applicant will not be accepted.

1.21 Successful applicants of this scholarship will provide all documentation and information as requested in a timely manner to the Foundation. Failure to provide the requested documentation and information may, at the discretion of the Foundation, disqualify the applicant from receiving funds from this scholarship.
1.22 Scholarships will be paid from the Foundation directly to the university or institute to the credit of the recipient’s account for the payment of tuition, books and/or accommodation. Payment shall be made after verification that all required forms have been submitted and meet the terms and conditions of this scholarship.
1.23 Any recipient discontinuing their program of study prior to the completion of the fall and winter terms will be required to reimburse the Foundation for the scholarship received.
1.24 The foundation reserves the right to determine or change the method of submission of applications that will be accepted at any time.
1.25 Personal information in connection with this application, is collected by the Valerie Whalley Education Foundation Fund and the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation Inc. solely for:
  • Administrative and statistical purposes
  • Tax reporting purposes
  • To process your application and decide your eligibility for the scholarship for which you have applied
  • Determination of the successful recipient of this scholarship
  • Payment of a scholarship
  • Advertising or promotion of this scholarship
1.26 Recipients agree that their name and photo may be used in advertising limited to the acknowledgement that they received funds, including the amount of funds received from this scholarship, the educational institute they are attending and course they are enrolled in at the discretion of this Fund or the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation Inc.
1.27 Information in your application may be disclosed by the Foundation to other scholarships/bursaries or educational institutions or professional associations upon their request.
1.28 Decisions of the Selection Committee and the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation Inc. are final and not subject to appeal.
1.29 Falsification of Information:

Falsification of information in any form, written, verbal, or articles and supporting documents included as a part of any application, will immediately disqualify an applicant from receiving funds from this Scholarship Award at any time, both now and in the future.

1.30    Administration of the Fund:

The Valerie Whalley Education Foundation Fund will be administered by the:

South Saskatchewan Community Foundation Inc.
3934 Gordon Rd.
Regina, SK  S4S 6Y3
Ph: 306-751-4756

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