2023 Truth and Reconciliation Fund Grant Results

2023 Truth and Reconciliation Fund Grant Results

SSCF is pleased to announce the recipients of the January and April 2023 Truth and Reconciliation Fund grants. This year the Fund supported 26 charitable programs for a total of $243,000. The fund is intended to address programs that will help advance the Truth & Reconciliation Calls to Action in the areas of Education, Culture and Language across the South Saskatchewan Treaty 4 and Treaty 6 areas.

Congratulations to the successful applicants!

Total Amount Funded (26 Grants): $243,000
Total Amount Requested (54 Requests): $1,166,714.15

January 16, 2023 Recipients ($122,635.15 to 11 Organizations):

Project Name: Arts, Culture, & Community Engagement

Project Name: Addressing the Intergenerational Nutritional Effects of the Residential Schools

Project Name: Unity and Wellness: Youth Cultural Symposium

Project Name: Grade 10 Program

Project Name: Inclusion Regina – “Foundations” Indigenous Cultural Programming

Project Name: United for Literacy – Championing Literacy in Regina’s Indigenous Communities

Project Name: Great Plains College “Circle of Knowledge” Program

Project Name: Cultural Enhancement Program

Project Name: The Land is a Playmate

Project Name: Indigenous Artists in Residence

Project Name: Culture Program

April 17, 2023 Recipients ($120,364.85 to 15 Organizations):

Project Name: 2023-24 Truth & Reconciliation Journey

Project Name: Indigenous Cultural Programming by The Comeback Society

Project Name: Métis Culture: Educational Presentations by John Lagimodiere

Project Name: Reconciliation Activities

Project Name: Painting of designs and geometric pattern on tipi

Project Name: Heritage Path Project

Project Name: Igniting Reconcili-ACTION

Project Name: Indigenous Advocate/Oskâpêos and Cultural Programming

Project Name: All Nations Gathering Pow Wow

Project Name: Cultural Reconnection 

Project Name: The Reconciliation Project

Project Name: Balcarres Community School – Powwow Workshops and T&R Community Feast, Round Dance, and Giveaway

Project Name: Young Parent Program – Indigenous Teachings Cradle Board and more

Project Name: Embracing Differences

Project Name: Building Relationships

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