Our Hope and Dream for Southern Saskatchewan

Southern Saskatchewan is a thriving community with a culture of sharing, generosity, and inclusivity. People understand and support each other here.

Vision for the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation

By 2022, the Foundation will have an expanded presence across southern Saskatchewan through enhanced donor relations, an increased asset base, and community impact.


The Foundation facilitates philanthropy by investing charitable gifts and bridging donor desires with community needs. We support agencies, charities, and causes to enrich the quality of community life.


Trustworthiness – We behave ethically and act with integrity and respect in all that we do.

Accountability – We are accountable to our donors, communities, and stakeholders through sound financial and operational practices.

Responsiveness – Our resilience and flexibility allow us to respond to the needs of our community.

Collaboration – We build and sustain positive relationships to leverage the best possible outcomes for community.

Benevolence – We are kind, compassionate, and believe in the power of philanthropy.

Areas Served

Encompassing over three hundred communities including seven cities the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation is geographically one of the largest community foundations in Canada.

The SSCF enables donors to make their communities better places to live, work, and play from Davidson west to the Alberta border, east to the Manitoba border, and south to the United States border.

We invite donors and philanthropic investors to pool their resources to be forever dedicated to community building and community vitality.