Our Foundation

We believe in facilitating Saskatchewan philanthropy, supporting local charities and developing our community so that our home is a more vital, strong, and fair place to live, work and play.

Founded in 1969, SSCF invests for the long-term with endowment Funds that focus on impact in our community. In addition to distributing grants to worthy causes throughout the year, we pool many visionary philanthropists’ and organizations’ funds – investing them together for a higher return. This allows donors to make their charitable grants not just once, but year after year.

Our work equates to a more effective gift today for now and tomorrow.

Charitable Status Number 890271448 RR0001

Our History

With your support, the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation celebrated 50 years in 2019. We’re excited about the next 50 years!

At our anniversary celebration highlighting accomplishments and celebrating cumulative impact, His Honour the Honourable Russ Mirasty, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan touched all with his thoughtful words:

“Those who support the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation show us the way. You show us, by your example, that each of us has the power to make a difference, and together, we can address even the greatest challenges. Thank you for giving us hope for a bright future for all.”

Prudent Stewardship

The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation’s (SSCF) strategic plan includes service-driven priorities to leverage our mission to advance community well-being by supporting and assisting charities, individuals, and companies achieve their charitable goals and dreams.

Our service-driven priorities include monitoring investments, adhering to a regularly reviewed investment policy and using third-party expertise. Together these priorities ensure pooled investments meet reasonable and acceptable targets consistent with best practices, performance and the Foundation’s fiduciary responsibility.


By 2022, the Foundation will have an expanded presence across southern Saskatchewan through enhanced donor relations, an increased asset base and community impact.


The Foundation facilitates philanthropy by investing charitable gifts and bridging donor desires with community needs. We support agencies, charities, and causes to enrich the quality of community life.







South Saskatchewan Community Foundation
2019-2023 Strategic Plan

Our Hope and Dream for Southern Saskatchewan

Southern Saskatchewan is a collection of diverse and thriving communities with a culture of inclusion and generosity. We care about and support each other here.


The SSCF will improve community engagement and impact across Southern Saskatchewan.


The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation facilitates and guides philanthropy to enrich the quality of community life.



We behave ethically and act with integrity and respect in all that we do.


We are accountable to our donors, communities, and stakeholders through sound financial and operational practices.


Our resilience and flexibility allow us to respond to the needs of our community.


We build and sustain positive relationships to leverage the best possible outcomes for community.


We are kind, compassionate, and believe in the power of philanthropy.

Strategic Imperative


To increase the Foundation's brand awareness across southern Saskatchewan.


To achieve excellence in donor relations and stewardship.


To increase our donor and asset base in order to have a greater impact on our community.

Our Strategy


Continuing to attract and retain outstanding staff.

Practice effective board governance processes.

Build a culture of outstanding client service.

Invest in IT infrastructure to support business processes.


Expand presence beyond Regina.

Build brand awareness.

Excel in understanding community needs.

Increase partnerships and collaboration with charitable sector.

Improve donor relations and stewardship.

Ensure accountable and prudent fund management.


Achieve a balanced budget.

Expand donor base.

Increase discretionery funds.

Increase endowed funds.


4.1 Donors
"The Foundation makes it easy to fulfill my charitable goals and allows me to have a positive impact on my community."

4.2 Charities
"The Foundation is part of our team in doing good for our community."

4.3 Charity Beneficiaries
"Through the Foundation, the charity's work has had a positive impact on my wellbeing."

4.4 The Community
"Our Community is better because the Foundation exists."

Our work equates to a more effective gift today for tomorrow.

Community Foundations of Canada

SSCF is a proud member of Community Foundations of Canada, our national organization that includes a network of over 191 community foundations.

Community foundations enrich the quality of community life in specific geographical areas. Rather they pool the charitable gifts of many donors to cultivate and grow permanently endowed funds to provide lasting support for local community needs and priorities.

Income generated by permanent endowment funds is distributed to support a broad range of community agencies/charities and causes, while the original investment is left to grow over time.