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Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan: Breast Cancer Screening Bus

$10,000 Requested:

Our Mission: We raise funds to support the cancer care needs of the people of Saskatchewan. (See our Case for Support attached)

Saskatchewan Breast Screening Bus Campaign: (See our Bus Case for Support attached) We are raising $2 million dollars to replace a 20-year-old provincial breast screening bus and the digital mammography machine on the bus. The current Breast Cancer Screening Bus performs more than 8,000 breast screening mammograms every year throughout rural and remote Saskatchewan. We need to keep this life-saving service to remain available for women in our province. Saskatchewan is geographically dispersed, making access to screening programs challenging for many in the rural areas of our province.

Thankfully, the Breast Screening Bus visits more than 40 rural and remote communities in Saskatchewan on an odd/even year cycle. Of the breast cancer cases detected, 75 per cent were diagnosed at an early stage allowing for more treatment options, greater survival rates and better outcomes for breast cancer patients.

Purchased in 2002, the current Breast Screening Bus is at the end of its useful life after delivering more than 250,000 mammograms to women across this province. With your help, together, we can ensure that all women in Saskatchewan have access to breast screening mammography that will save lives. (See our 2021 Annual Report attached)

Learn more at www.cancerfoundationsask.ca

> Download our Bus Case for Support
> Download our 2021 Annual Report

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