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Carmichael Outreach Inc.: Basement Floor Repairs

$13,574 Requested:

Financial Support Needed to Fix Basement Floor:

Carmichael Outreach settled into it’s new home at 1510 12th Ave in December of 2019, after spending 2 years getting fully renovated. As time has passed, there has been some significant basement floor shifting. Every bit of space in our building is utilized, with that, there are several offices being directly effected by this ground shift, to the point of inflicting body aches to anyone using them. We are needing urgent funding to rectify the slanted level of our board room floor and adjoining offices by putting in a level sleeper floor recommended by a contractor. We are looking for public funding support to rectify this problem, without taking money away from our invaluable community based services. Carmichael Outreach is a non-profit organization supporting the homeless, those living in poverty, with chronic illness, addictions, and mental illness in the community.

Learn more about Carmichael Outreach at http://www.carmichealoutreach.ca

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