South Saskatchewan Community Foundation Giving Catalogue.​
A place where you can donate to immediate and emergent charitable needs in your community.​

Donations towards charitable initiatives through the grant catalogue are subject to an additional 2% administration fee which will be applied against the total amount raised.

If the charitable initiative you donate to is cancelled and funding is not used, the funds you donated will be redirected towards the South Saskatchewan Vital Community Fund to ensure your donation supports charitable causes.

Learn more about the Vital Community Fund here.

  • Online by Credit Card
  • Cheque – Payable to: SSCF
      • Mailed to: 1911 Broad Street, Regina, SK. S4P 1Y1
      • It is essential to add a Memo for the purpose of the Donation on the cheque or include a note to accompany the cheque. (ie. Giving Catalogue – (Org name & request identifier)
  • NEW* We now accept E-Transfers for Donations of $25,000 or less. To send Donations via E-Transfer, please contact our finance department at 306-751-4756 for details.
      • We are set up for automatic deposit, and no security question will be required.
      • It is essential to add a Memo/Note for the purpose of the Donation prior to sending the e-transfer that includes your phone number or email address. ie. Giving Catalogue – (Phone/Email, Org name & request identifier)

To donate directly from your fund, select the donate button beside the organization you would like to donate to and enter the donation details within your fund advisor portal.

*Please ensure you have sufficient disbursement funds available prior to making your donation.*

SSCF will not be requesting Grant Agreements or Final Grant Reports from organizations that receive funding through the Giving Catalogue.

Should you require more information about the charities, please visit their websites.

Charitable Initiatives to Support

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Listen to Dis’ Community Arts Organization: The Axis of Access

$10,000 Requested: The Axis of Access: Building Intersectional Access in Sask. Listen to Dis’ will lead a community-based project to cultivate the creation of a Saskatchewan access document. This document will support a deeper understanding of intimate access needs from the disability cultural perspective. The vision for this project has been likened to the Truth and Reconciliation document by Indigenous

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Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services: Early Childhood & Family Services

$100,000 Requested: SDHHS’ Early Childhood & Family Services: A variety of clients are involved with SDHHS. Some are d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Non-Verbal, have cochlear implants or hearing-aids, are Deaf-Blind or considered Deaf-Plus. All of these categories will be included in using the abbreviation DHH in this description. The SDHHS Early Childhood and Family Services program is ongoing and seek

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Listen to Dis’ Community Arts Organization: Seatbelt Theatre Production

$10,000 Requested: Seatbelt: an autobiographical disability theatre production is a cautionary tale written in autobiographical form. The true to life journey of a young woman who sustains a spinal cord injury from a violent car crash. It emphasizes the social and psychological anxieties the diagnosis of quadriplegic creates for the main character and her family. The play highlights the shift

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Silver Wings Access Van Inc

$146,034.25 Requested: Capital purchase of an access van for the Meadows Residents: SWAVI would like to request funding by Sept 1st 2023 to purchase an accessible van for the Meadows LTC Facility residents . Currently, not every resident has access to attend our community events or personal activities and appointments because of the style or size of their wheelchair. Barriers

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If you are fundholder at SSCF and are looking to access the Giving Catalogue to donate from your fund, please login to the Online Fund Portal.

How can I get my charity's initiative listed in the Giving Catalogue?

Applications for the 2023 Giving Catalogue are now closed. If your charity is registered with Canada Revenue Agency and have a Department of National Revenue Taxation Charity Registration number, your cause may be eligible for SSCF’s Giving Catalogue in the future. You can find out if your charity’s initiative is eligible on our Giving Catalogue Charity Eligibility page. Reach out to SSCF for more information.

Phone: 1-306-751-4756

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