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CityKidz Regina: Summer to Remember

$10,000 Requested:

Summer to Remember 2023:

We help at-risk children build resilience with the hope they will move beyond their current circumstances and enjoy a better life with their families, ultimately ending their cycle of poverty. In addition to our regular programs, we provide a summer program that gives children the opportunity to get out of the home and engage in many activities such as day trips that teaches about their environment. This also ensures children have the tools, like most every other child in Canada, that will instill excitement in going back to school. Sadly, most of our participants do not have supplies for their first day of school. This project will provide each child with the required supplies for the school year. By providing these supplies, parents will not need to worry about making the decision of having to put food on the table or give their children necessary school supplies. Your support can help inspire those dreams in children and get them excited about returning to school and encouraging them to complete their education, and that one day each of those children will help end child poverty in the neighbourhood.

Learn more about CityKidz Regina at https://citykidzregina.ca/

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