Environmental Causes

When we build from our roots, future generations benefit. As custodians of our environment, each generation must do its part to address the vast needs in our growing world. Whether we spend our energy on addressing the impact of climate change, contributing to recycling initiatives or growing community gardens, it all helps to make this world a better place. Whatever your environmental commitment, there are many options to improve our world. What we do today impacts tomorrow. Now is the time to make your difference. With a call to our team, you’ll discover many ways you can help to pay it forward for our world together.

Nature Conservancy of Canada's Story

The Nature Conservancy of Canada / Conservation de la nature Canada received $9,100 in 2019 from the Joyce Gemmell Jessen Habitat Conservation Fund to assist in the securement of land near Buffalo Pound Lake. The property consists of 2,140 acres of native grasslands, which are among the most endangered ecosystems in the world. The property, 40 kilometres from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, includes seven kilometres of remarkable shoreline along the north shore of Buffalo Pound Lake.


This conservation project aims to protect the natural habitat of a highly threatened landscape and is currently the largest securement project in Saskatchewan. NCC is working to ensure the Buffalo Pound area continues to provide quality drinking water for residents and safe habitat for endangered species.

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