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Globe Theatre Society: Capital Campaign

$12,000,000 Requested:

The Globe Theatre is a not-for-profit charitable organization specializing in the production of theatre-in-the-round, providing high-quality arts education, and fostering the work of Saskatchewan artists. Over the next three years, we anticipate that more than 175,000 people will connect with one of the finest theatre experiences in Canada through Globe Theatre’s Main Stage performances. Globe Theatre’s leadership, and fundraising team is crucially pursuing financial support towards our 45-million-dollar capital campaign.

Our capital project has become vulnerable to the labour, supply chain, and inflationary pressures experienced by every construction project in North America. We are in critical need of your support to fund the restoration of the Prince Edward Building and Globe Theatre facility. Preserving a cultural icon for the future has a direct economic impact in Regina downtown.

The reimagined Globe Theatre will revitalize our community, bringing business opportunities, jobs, public spaces, architecture, art, and access to amenities that all contribute to the appeal of our community. Our community blooms when its citizens are thriving economically, socially, and culturally. This is the kind of landmark project that will help us do all three. A project of this size and scope is no easy endeavor. It requires and is worthy of community-wide support. We are honored to lead this important campaign and encourage you to join us in a shared commitment and generous support of this historic project. Together we will transform our community and create a new life and a new legacy for Globe Theatre.

Learn more about the Globe Theatre at http://www.globetheatrelive.com
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