SSCF’s Christina Attard gifts journalist and public speaker Doug Cuthand a blanket as a token of thanks for speaking at SSCF’s Oct. 4, 2017 Vital Conversation on “Pursuing Reconciliation.”

The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation (SSCF) believes in building our future as a community through dialogue and the power of philanthropy. We focus on and explore initiatives that address issues of community significance consistent with our mission, vision, and values – which are aligned with community priorities and the priorities of our donors.

What makes us unique is that we hold and invest the funds that we receive from donors allowing for grants to be made not just once, but year after year. This service creates a sustainable charitable fund to help make our community stronger, more vital, and a more fair place to live, work, and play. We listen to the needs of the community and work with generous donors to respond to those needs.

In an effort to foster community awareness, SSCF has adopted the national Vital Signs® program which leverages knowledge to measure the vitality of our community and supports action toward the quality of life. The 2016 Vital Signs® report incorporated an overarching theme of ‘Belonging’ with three sub-themes: Pursuing Reconciliation, Welcoming Newcomers, and Building Economic Inclusion. An updated, comprehensive SSCF Vital Signs® report is scheduled for release in October 2018.

The process of identifying community needs is guided by ongoing consultation and insight of the local Vital Signs® Community Advisory Council. Members of this Council advise and support SSCF staff responsible for the SSCF Vital Signs® report. They represent community leaders from a diversity of sectors and backgrounds that have a commitment to the goals of the Vital Signs® project.

As part of the Vital Signs® program, SSCF has identified a series of Vital Conversations to take place before October 2018 to focus on these priorities:

Each Vital Conversation will invite community insight and explore the theme in depth. The input will provide important context for publication of a SSCF Vital Signs® Report in 2018.

Thank you to members of the Vital Signs Community Advisory Council who represent organizations including:

SSCF is a proud member of the Community Foundations of Canada, a network of more than 191 members.