Knight Archer Insurance’s Commitment to Community

In 2021, Knight Archer Insurance established two Funds at SSCF; The Knight Archer Legacy Foundation Fund and The Knight Archer Community Foundation Fund.

The Knight Archer Legacy Foundation Fund is endowed, meaning it will continue to grow and give back, forever, to the community causes of Knight Archer Insurance’s choice. In addition, The Knight Archer Community Foundation Fund is non-endowed, meaning it gives them the flexibility to respond to immediate needs in the communities they support. By having both Funds, Knight Archer Insurance is able to provide the stability charities need while also supporting them in times of emergent need.

Tracy Archer, Knight Archer Insurance President & CEO, explains, “We currently plan to contribute $25,000 to our endowed Fund each year so that it can continue to grow and provide stable funding to the charities we support. We are also using these Funds to create the Gloria Archer Legacy Scholarship to support students going into our industry and to celebrate diverse cultures.”

Giving back to community has been engrained in Knight Archer’s culture for many years. Community giving is in every employee’s individual plan, staff are given paid days off to volunteer, and one of Knight Archer’s five pillars is Community Partnerships. Tracy Archer says that opening the Funds at SSCF is a way of growing that pillar and making sure it’s a core part of Knight Archer’s business.

Knight Archer Insurance supports children, mental health, and inclusion and diversity in Regina and the 17 communities they serve across the prairies, including Humbolt, Lumsden, Craven, Pense, Yorkton, and several other municipalities.

Brighter Futures for Children is a fundraiser Knight Archer has run for many years to support two of Regina’s early childhood programs: SCEP CENTRE and the Regina Early Learning Centre. As of 2022, we have raised over $1M for those organizations.
Tracy Archer
Knight Archer Insurance President & CEO

The staff and Board at SSCF appreciate the community building efforts of Knight Archer Insurance and offer a warm welcome to Knight Archer as they join SSCF’s growing list of donors.


“It has been a pleasure for SSCF to work with Tracy and the team at Knight Archer Insurance. Local businesses like Knight Archer are the heart of our communities and what they are doing to support individuals is truly helping their communities thrive,” says Donna Ziegler, SSCF Executive Director.