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Let’s Talk Science Outreach Programs

$25,000 Requested:

Let’s Talk Science Saskatchewan Outreach Programs:

Let’s Talk Science is a national, charitable organization that helps children and youth fulfill their potential and prepare for their future careers and role as citizens in a rapidly changing world by supporting their learning and engagement through STEM. We offer programs, services and resources that help children and youth develop positive attitudes, critical skills and career awareness. Let’s Talk Science also connects the STEM and education communities to support youth development and strengthen learning. Let’s Talk Science collaborates with universities, governments, teachers’ associations, school boards/ districts, educators and community partners across Canada to provide curriculum-aligned, STEM-based programs and resources in English and French that are free thanks to donor partnerships. As a result, our programming impacts approximately one million youth and educators every year. Let’s Talk Science connects youth and role models to develop the next generation of creative and critical thinkers. With more than 1,500 post-secondary and approximately 500 professional volunteers nationally, we motivate and inspire youth to explore STEM in everyday life so they can build critical skills and keep doors open by pursuing STEM studies. The experience and training Let’s Talk Science provides allows post-secondary volunteers to grow their own employability skills, including communication, leadership, organization and the ability to teach. An award-winning, national, charitable organization, Let’s Talk Science has provided engaging, evidence-based STEM programs for nearly 30 years at no cost for youth and educators in Canada. Through the generous support of our partners and donors, we can provide educators with opportunities to discover and use effective learning strategies to develop and strengthen students’ questioning and problem-solving skills; and offer experiential and digital programs that engage youth in meaningful STEM learning.

Learn more about Let’s Talk Science at https://letstalkscience.ca/

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