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Listen to Dis’ Community Arts Organization: Seatbelt Theatre Production

$10,000 Requested:

Seatbelt: an autobiographical disability theatre production is a cautionary tale written in autobiographical form. The true to life journey of a young woman who sustains a spinal cord injury from a violent car crash. It emphasizes the social and psychological anxieties the diagnosis of quadriplegic creates for the main character and her family. The play highlights the shift in how the medical system treats and perceives disabled people. The play was written by Natasha Urkow under the guidance and mentorship of Listen to Dis’ Community Arts Artistic Director Traci Foster. Seatbelt will engage nine emerging professional actors playing 32 roles and is an example how to normalize a professional working relationship in performance between disabled and non-disabled people. Seatbelt demonstrates the outcomes of loss of identity and how a young woman and her family pushes through the chaos and come out alive and ready to face the world in new ways. It also celebrates disabled art!
Learn more about Listen to Dis at http://www.listentodis.com
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