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Listen to Dis’ Community Arts Organization: The Axis of Access

$10,000 Requested:

The Axis of Access: Building Intersectional Access in Sask.

Listen to Dis’ will lead a community-based project to cultivate the creation of a Saskatchewan access document. This document will support a deeper understanding of intimate access needs from the disability cultural perspective. The vision for this project has been likened to the Truth and Reconciliation document by Indigenous leaders and community. The document would address the need for an understanding of the history of disability art and culture in Saskatchewan. It would contain access guidelines for arts, cultural, and educational considerations, within a three-to-five-page document.

LTD’ aims to address, in straightforward and simple language, actionable ways in which organizations and individuals can build true actionable access and accommodation. In addition, a public letter of intention, will be included, and an artistic response to the project will be created by emerging/professional disabled artists and cultural workers. A website where the initiative can live and morph into what it will become, is an active consideration.

Learn more about Listen to Dis’ at http://www.listentodis.com

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