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Maybell Developments Inc.: Lilium Village Build Project

$10,000 Requested:

The province of Saskatchewan has the highest rate of reported family violence of all provinces in Canada. (1) Our local resources are considerably insufficient at meeting the needs associated with this: 2742 women and children fleeing violence were turned away in 2021 when seeking resources because of capacity issues. (2) Your contribution will propel our capital campaign forward, in partnership with numerous local organizations and trades to truly engage Regina’s local economy and build ‘community by community’.

Lilium Village seeks to establish housing facilities for 12 single-mother families, including those leaving dangerous situations such as domestic abuse, addictions, and trafficking, through rent-geared-to-income units. Our project vision incorporates critical factors to achieve sustained change: on-site childcare and security, and multidisciplinary programming with both voluntary and mandatory components. Taking an empty lot and visually transforming it, while seeking to establish services that highlight the unique change relationship that comes with genuine Christian mentorship, we long to reach those accepted as residents of the Lilium Village community, the residential neighborhood, as well as the greater community residents.

Our facilities will operate to provide programming to others in the community. The on-site childcare achieved full funding through separate planning and was recently constructed and opened to the public on May 1, 2023. It is available to all Regina residents.

Learn more at https://maybelldevelopments.com/lilium-village/

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