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Mother Teresa Middle School: New Bus

$100,000 Requested:

Recognizing Truth and Reconciliation, MTMS ignites a love of learning and empowers students to embrace their personal and cultural identity while overcoming obstacles and growing their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical well-being.

Request/Project Description: The first step to educating children is getting them to school. Complex family circumstances create a lot of transiency for our students and because of that, some have attended upwards of 15 schools by the time begin grade 6 at MTMS.

The Transportation Program provides consistent, reliable access to transportation to and from school. While many of our students reside in the North Central and core areas of Regina, MTMS’ Transportation Program makes transportation possible from anywhere in the city. This means, regardless of how many times a family or child moves, we are able to keep our students attending MTMS for three consistent years. That is how a bus builds relationships, confidence, and trust. These are key ingredients in their educational journey.

Your investment towards the MTMS Transportation Program will allow us to replace our 10-year-old bus that is incurring significant annual repair costs. The total project cost is $150,000. The first $50,000 will be matched by Enbridge.

Learn more about Mother Teresa Middle School at http://www.mtmschoolregina.com


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