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Regina Humane Society: Animal Community Centre

$50,000 Requested:

We are not building another traditional animal shelter. We are building a modern Animal Community Centre. This 10-years-in-the making animal shelter / adoption / education / community center is designed to be a destination for people of all walks of life to learn about and appreciate our unique relationship with pets.

Advances in science, a heightened recognition of the role of animals in people’s lives, improved knowledge and better models have created a new standard in animal facility design. Several other Humane Societies in Canada such as Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Edmonton, have completed new buildings which reflect this design evolution. The RHS Animal Community Centre will be consistent with new facilities built across Canada and beyond. The Centre will be an efficient and cost-effective model of humane care and community involvement with the health standards of a hospital, the educational aspects of a school and the appeal of a community destination welcoming visitors to participate in comprehensive programming.

The RHS Animal Community Centre will not only be the best place to adopt a pet, but also the best place to learn about, engage with, and celebrate animals. The RHS Animal Community Centre will offer safe refuge for homeless pets; an adoption gallery with home-like habitats for dogs and cats; an education center with multi-purpose classrooms for after-hours public use; a veterinary hospital supporting RHS animals as well as continued delivery of subsidized spay/neuter services to financially disadvantaged pet owners; family pet cremations; dog park; dog washing station; green spaces; training centre and gift shop.

Learn more about the Animal Community Centre at https://rhsalmosthome.ca/

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