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Saskatchewan Health Authority (Tatagwa View – Weyburn)

$8,000 Requested:

Bridging the Gap-LTC Community Integration (Project)

Mission: We work together to improve health and well-being. Every day. For everyone.

Program Description: Residents at the Tatagwa View are very diverse in terms of interests and abilities. Through our recreation therapy assessments it has been determined that our current programming that is offered at Tatagwa View only serves a portion of the residents. Larger groups are no longer the standard and having small interest based groups is proven to enhance lives. Residents who move into long term care immediately feel isolated from their own community and they no longer feel they contribute to society. By creating partnerships with the various organizations within the community of Weyburn and reducing barriers allows us to to use recreation to bridge that gap and allow residents to feel apart of the their own community once again.

This project will bridge the gap between the community and residents who live within long term care. There will be several recreation therapy programs throughout the year that will enhance the quality of life of the residents while allowing them to feel apart of the community again. Each program will have specific outcomes, for example, Tai-Chi and Yoga will look at things like stress, anxiety and depression. Where other programs such as boxing and Step Arobics work on balance and endurance. There are 123 residents who live at Tatagwa View and all will have a chance to participate and choose programs of interest/ability. Programs will be run for a specific amount of time minimum being 6 weeks and maximum being 7 months. Some programs will run 2 x per week and others 1 x per week. Programs will take place at Tatagwa View (instructors coming in) and at various facilities within the community including the curling rink, bowling alley, and swimming pools.

Learn more at https://www.saskhealthauthority.ca/

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