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Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council: Waste Reduction Hub

$25,000 Requested:

SWRC’s Waste Reduction Hub is a one-stop resource where Saskatchewan people can search 2,450 listings to recycle, repair, or pass on products and packaging. The Hub Upgrade includes ensuring current information is accurate, scanning for new recycling programs and adding them in, expanding repair options and initial research on businesses that rent items. An effective Waste Reduction Hub offers a convenient information source for residents and conserves resources, diverts materials from landfill and moves the province toward a circular economy.

The deliverables include:

1) Ensuring that all listings are up to date — the Upgrade includes going through all the current programs listed and checking to make sure the information is current and  updating any that need changes

2) Scan of new recycling & composting listings — this part of the Upgrade involves searching for recycling and composting programs that are not currently included in the Hub, getting the details and including them in the Hub

3) Expanded repair listings —  Repair is a newer feature of the Hub and we want to add to the number of repair listings.

4) Rental list — we will compile a list of businesses that rent or share common items that the public can access to consider renting instead of buying

Funds received for the upgrade will be applied in order (to #1 first, until it is done, then move on to #2, etc.)

Learn more at https://www.saskwastereduction.ca/

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