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SCEP CENTRE: Moving Costs

$25,000 Requested:

SCEP stands for Socialization, Communication and Education Program. For the past 54 years, SCEP CENTRE has provided therapeutic early intervention for children between the ages of 2-5 who have severe communication and behaviour challenges. Many of the children referred to SCEP have been expelled or are unable to function in regular childcare centres, early learning centres and/or pre-kindergarten or kindergarten programs. Some of the enrolled children have been diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, global developmental delay or autism spectrum disorder. Others present with severe communication and behavioural challenges related to environmental factors such as poverty, domestic violence, intergenerational trauma and family stress.

SCEP CENTRE fosters the development of social-emotional health, healthy interpersonal relationships as well as pre-academic and social skill development, enabling the children to heal and be integrated back into mainstream programs when ready. SCEP also provides support to the parents and caregivers of our enrolled children. All of the services that SCEP CENTRE provides are offered in a trauma-responsive environment.

SCEP CENTRE has been housed in Regina Public Schools for over 45 years. Unfortunately, SCEP was asked to move from our home in the Allen Blakeney Adult Campus due to increasing enrollments in their programs. We were not offered another space in another school. For the first time in over 45 years, we were “homeless” and looking for a space to house our very important little program. We carefully explored many options for leasing and renting but we decided to purchase a space in order to provide a more stable and sustainable home for our programs.

With this purchase, we have renewed our long-term commitment to provide support to some of the most vulnerable little citizens in our community. Along with that move came a great number of expenses – many expected and some unexpected. These costs have been very difficult on our non-profit budget that is already suffering from community-wide funding cuts, increased costs due to inflation and our already stretched resources.

Our total moving costs including the physical move and preparing the new space (i.e., safety gates, wifi, phones, etc.) were in the $25,000 range. The cost breakdown is approximate (as some invoices have not yet been received):

  • Costs related to the physical move: $6,785.00 (movers, boxes)
  • Communication hook up (including multi-floor wiring for security/phones/wifi/computer stations): $10,000 ($8,745.00 for computers and invoice outstanding from SaskTel)
  • Costs related to acquisition of the home: $7,411.00 (appraisals, inspections, zoning applications, legal fees)


Thank you for considering this request!

Learn more about SCEP CENTRE at http://www.scepcentre.com

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