South Saskatchewan Community Foundation and RBC Foundation Announce Grant to Nation Builder Youth group with Treaty Education Alliance

South Saskatchewan Community Foundation and RBC Foundation are providing a grant of
$15,000 to support a group of Nation Builder Youth Leaders from Treaty Education Alliance
affiliated schools, who will plan and execute a series of podcasts and/or vodcasts on topics
related to land conservation and traditional knowledge preservation.

In partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the team will record a short series of podcasts from TEA First Nation communities. Podcast host and youth leader, Braidy Brown will assist the youth leaders to conduct interviews with local knowledge keepers, Elders and community members to produce the recordings. This project will provide students with the technology and skills to create podcasts; preserve traditional knowledge related to the land in each Nation; expand students’ knowledge of who they are and where they come from; and promote the importance of connecting with the land.

Kayla Balderson Burak, Engagement Manager with Nature Conservancy Canada says the land is the basis of all First nations ways of knowing and learning.

“As a result, with the continued loss of natural landscapes, there is a disconnect between youth and their Indigenous histories and teachings. In addition, as Elders pass, an immense wealth of knowledge leaves with them,” says Balderson Burak. “This project will allow Indigenous youth to practice important technological skills while preserving the teachings surrounding the land and learning about nature conservation; skills and knowledge that will benefit them and future generations in the communities.”

“Each young person has something important to say, and they say it in creative, visionary, and down to earth ways. We are excited to hear their voices come together to share who they are and where they come from. This podcast will be important listening for all of us.” Sheena Koops, Nation Builder Advocate (TEA). For more information on the partnership between the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Treaty Education Alliance and their affiliate First Nations, please visit

The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge is hosted by Community Foundations of
Canada and participating community foundations. It is made possible thanks to a $5M donation from RBC Foundation, a commitment by RBC and the RBC Foundation to empower Canadian youth for the jobs of tomorrow. Over the next 10 years, RBC Future Launch is dedicating $500 million to help young people access meaningful employment through practical work experience, skills development opportunities, networking solutions and mental well-being supports and services.

Grants like this one are being made to youth-led projects in 150 small and medium sized
communities across Canada. The goal of the program is to shift the power to young leaders
making positive social or environmental change in their communities, while gaining valuable skills and experience.

“RBC is committed to the power, vision and potential of youth, and the important role they play in their communities,” says Gaynette Downing, RBC Branch Manager, Balcarres. “We are thrilled to see the results of this important partnership with the CFC helping make a difference right here in Treaty 4 Territory including Fort Qu’Appelle, and in communities across Canada.”

The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation serves as a bridge between donors and charities in Regina and in southern Saskatchewan.

“We believe in facilitating Saskatchewan philanthropy, supporting local charities, and developing our community so that our home is a more vital, strong, and fair place to live, work, and play,” says Donna Ziegler, Executive Director, SSCF. “Participating in the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge builds on SSCF’s long-time support to local youth and youth leadership.”

“Young people are not future leaders – they are leading social and environmental change right now. We are honoured to play a role in the bold change that youth are leading across the country through this national initiative with RBC,” says Andrew Chunilall, CEO of Community Foundations of Canada.