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YWCA Regina: Diversion Services

$20,000 Requested:

YWCA Regina hopes and dreams for a world where communities benefit from the full, equitable inclusion and advancement of women and families, where their experiences and perspectives are reflected in all facets of society. Our aspiration is to be a community voice of and for women, to be a trusted partner in addressing the most complex community issues faced by women and our community. Our purpose is to support women and families in the realization of their full potential to the benefit of our entire community.

In the second year of the pandemic and with the introduction of the new Saskatchewan Income Support program, it became clear that YWCA’s Outreach Team needed additional resources to support the vulnerable, at-risk women and families in Regina. We added our Diversion Services to help meet the immediate needs of the unhoused or those families at risk of being unhoused. Our Outreach and Diversion Services assist women and families to achieve and maintain housing and economic goals in a secure, safe, and trauma-informed environment that promotes change using harm reduction theory. Diversion seeks to meet immediate needs including finding/maintaining housing, food and income security, clothing, basic hygiene items, items for babies and children and making referrals, including to the Outreach Coordinators. Outreach Coordinators now have more time to focus on providing long-term case management and more intensive supports to those who need it, including securing and maintaining housing, mental health and addictions services, family reunification, education programming, and systems navigation and advocacy in medical and legal systems.

Diversion Services provide immediate assistance 24 hours/day, seven days a week and are helping to keep vulnerable folks from needing to access emergency shelters where possible, and ensure they and their families are safe, clothed and fed. We need support to maintain this essential service for vulnerable women and children in Regina.

Learn more about YWCA Regina at https://ywcaregina.com/about/

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