2023 Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation Grant Results

SSCF is pleased to announce the recipients of the March 1, 2023 and the 2023 Fall Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation grants. This spring the Fund supported 10 charitable programs for a total of $151,000, and this fall the Fund supported 14 charitable programs for a total of $152,000. The fund is intended to promote social, cultural, religious, educational and other activities deemed beneficial to communities in southern Saskatchewan with priority given to the City of Regina. This also includes providing educational opportunities, and support for the arts within these communities.

Congratulations to the successful applicants!

Total Amount Funded in the Spring (10 Grants): $151,000

March 1, 2023 Recipients ($151,000 to 10 Organizations):

Project Name: BIG Group Activity Program

Project Name: Camp Monahan Camper Sponsorship Program

Project Name: Art and Cultural Empowerment for Disadvantaged Children and Youth

Project Name: Mother Teresa Middle School Transportation Fund

Project Name: Kinship Connections

Project Name: Cops and Readers

Project Name: Regina Symphony Orchestra operating grant application 23-24

Project Name: The Salvation Army Haven of Hope – Food Security

Project Name: Summer Friends Program 2023

Total Amount Funded in the Fall (14 Grants): $152,000

Fall 2023 Recipients ($152,000 to 14 Organizations):

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