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Your legacy is more than a mere memory, it's a gift that keeps on giving, forever.

Your legacy is more than a mere memory, it's a gift that keeps on giving, forever.

For over 55 years, the heart of the Community Foundation has been to build, protect, and honour legacies, forever.

We serve as a vital connection between generous donors and impactful charities in Saskatchewan. Our mission is to cultivate philanthropy, strengthen local charities, and nurture a more resilient and equitable community for all. Since our establishment in 1969, as a registered charity, we’ve remained dedicated to making long-term investments through Legacy (Endowment) Funds that spark enduring positive change in our community.

The true power of a Community Foundation is that any family, regardless of wealth, can establish their own private foundation without the administrative burden. Your family’s legacy can continue in perpetuity, offering peace of mind knowing that the communities and charities that you hold dear will receive ongoing support for generations to come.

The concept of Legacy Giving is straightforward:

An Anonymous Donor Supports Phoenix Residential Society HOMES Program

The G. Murray and Edna Forbes Foundation Fund Supports Carmichael Outreach

Doug and Gloria Archer Leaving the Community Better Than They Found It

Preserving Your Legacy

Your philanthropic journey is at the heart of our mission. We’re here to ensure that your generosity creates a lasting impact, and we’re committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to make a difference for generations to come. Enjoy the advantages of a personal foundation without the hassle of administrative duties. While we take care of all the background work on your behalf, you can concentrate on granting decisions, fundraising efforts, and supporting the causes you truly care about. When crafting your legacy, there are three profound gifts you give:

Creating a legacy is, in essence, a gift to oneself. It’s the reassurance that your hard-earned efforts, your time devoted to volunteering, and your commitment to causes will not fade away with your presence. Through a Legacy Fund, you grant yourself the gift of peace of mind, knowing that your wishes will be carried out, and the causes you hold dear will continue to receive your unwavering support.

Your legacy is more than a mere memory; it’s a beacon of hope that burns eternally. Your legacy becomes a source of sustainable funding for the
causes and organizations that have touched your heart. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, not just for today, but forever.

Leaving a legacy isn’t just about finances; it’s about leaving a legacy of love and clarity. It removes the burden of guesswork from your loved one’s shoulders. They will never have to wonder if they are making the right decisions on your behalf because your wishes have been documented.

The Basics of Legacy Funds

Create your fund
  • Your personal Fund is created through a legal Deed of Gift (a contract) and an initial donation.
  • Legacy Giving is for all wealth levels. Your legacy journey can begin with only a few thousand dollars or a plan through life insurance.
  • We complete all the administrative work, including: donation receipts, valuations, personalized custom messages with donation receipts, and custom websites for accepting donations to your fund.
Care for your fund
  • Your Fund is then pooled with other investments to be cared for and grow.
  • Our Foundation protects the donations and invests them wisely to earn above-market returns.
  • You have full transparency into how your fund is growing.
Grow your fund
  • Donations can be accepted towards your Fund throughout the year, in any year, and through your estate.
  • We accept all types of donations to your legacy fund, including: cash, securities, real estate, land, mineral rights, and more.
  • Increase value by enhancing tax management strategies in your giving.
Your fund's future
  • Overtime, your Fund grows along with our large pool of investments. There is a small annual fee that historically is covered by the Foundation's great returns.
  • As your legacy fund grows, the interest earned goes toward your giving wishes, supporting the causes and charities you care for most.
Granting from your fund
  • Your Fund is able to grant to the charity or cause of your choice each and every year. The disbursement quota for granting is typically between 3.5% to 5%. The remaining investment earnings go back into the Fund to continue growing.
  • Our skillful team is equipped to carry out your granting wishes, based on direction from you directly or through your deed of gift.

Lorna Sandberg -

Director of Philanthropy and Donor Stewardship

Not quite sure where to start? We're here to help!

If you have any questions on how we can help fulfill your legacy giving vision, please feel free to reach out to our Giving expert!

Lorna Sandberg -

Director of Philanthropy and Donor Stewardship

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