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Impact Stories: Leaving a Legacy

Leaving the Community Better Than They Found It

Doug and Gloria Archer’s Giving Perspective

Doug’s philosophy on community care is to always leave a space better than how you found it.

Doug and Gloria Archer have had a long life of community service. In planning for their legacy, it was vital for them to build a fund that could continue supporting their values generations into the future. As rare partners in life and business, Doug and Gloria are united in their dedication to the people of Saskatchewan. Their legacy fund seeks to bridge the gaps between policy and access to mental health care, something they knew was necessary, especially in the years following the initial outbreak of covid. 

As Regina’s former mayor and city council member, Doug Archer is keenly equipped to understand how good policy doesn’t equal good implementation. On the ground services must be supported to provide acute care – especially for society’s most vulnerable members; this is where the Doug and Gloria Archer fund will help. Their legacy fund will bridge gaps in resource needs for community and volunteer led initiatives for mental health care – especially access to those struggling with addiction and mental health crises. 

Doug’s philosophy on community care is to always leave a space better than how you found it. As members of their community, Doug and Gloria believe in leaving behind a legacy that creates the foundation necessary to build equitable and intentional community that serves every member. They think responsive funding can help build a more cohesive and representative approach to social welfare and increase the effectiveness of hands-on service delivery. Doug and Gloria are incredibly perceptive of the lack of resources for self-advocacy and support for those at the edges of society. They are excited to work with professionals and volunteers to continue to aid in their efforts to increase mental health services and awareness in Regina. This endowment fund will help organizations meet the mental health needs of their community in a responsive way for generations to come. 

The Archers have both loved working with the SSCF and commend the organization for its focus on the spirit of charitable giving, encouraging people to step up and think about ways to give back to their community. Doug and Gloria agree that setting up a legacy fund is accessible and easy and facilitates collective action towards interwoven community systems. They have enjoyed the process and are grateful for the ease of the Legacy fund system. 

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