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Truth and Reconciliation Fund

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South Saskatchewan Vital Community Fund

Formerly known as the Smart & Caring Fund.

Truth and Reconciliation Fund

Federation of the Blind Trust Fund

G. Murray and Edna Forbes Foundation Fund​

Joyce Gemmell Jessen Habitat Conservation Fund​

The Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation​

Moffat Family Fund

Community Services Recovery Fund

How are grants decided?

Partnering with SSCF is an ideal way to support a program with an identifiable need. With the generosity of many donors, we are proud of the community impact that granting is having.

Many grants at SSCF result from recommendations that come from donors, such as from a Donor Advised Fund where donors play a critical consultative role in the selection process.


We are your philanthropic partner, here to ensure every dollar you give provides important impact in the community. Our grant-making expertise and community knowledge aligns your values and interests with community needs.


Applications to the Vital Community Fund are assessed by the Vital Community Fund Committee. For special, one-time SSCF granting opportunities, applications are reviewed by committee structure including community representatives, as appropriate.

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