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Impact Stories: Stories of Hope

An Anonymous Donor Supports Phoenix Residential Society HOMES Program

For over 40 years, Phoenix Residential Society has provided residential and case management services to individuals in a variety of different programs. They serve individuals with major mental illness, substance use disorders, cognitive and developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and those experiencing chronic homelessness. Their services range from providing community-based supports to 24 hour-staffed apartment buildings.

The HOMES Housing First program provides intensive supports to individuals who have experienced homelessness and have a variety of very complex needs. They are currently supporting 62 individuals who were living on the streets for many years, prior to coming into the program.

After Phoenix Residential Society reached out to SSCF seeking financial support to sustain this crucial program in 2023, an anonymous donor through the Foundation awarded a significant donation towards the HOMES Housing First program.

HOMES Success Story:

This is the journey of one of our now graduated individuals. When we first met them, this individual struggled with the experience of homelessness, substance use, trauma, and aggression that led to frequent interactions with Regina Police Services. For years, their life was marked by instability and they often found themselves in conflict with others due to their aggressive behaviour. Their future seemed uncertain.

With the help of the HOMES program, they found a stable place to call home and they were finally able to focus on their personal growth and well-being. The HOMES program’s support did not just stop at housing; it extended to providing access to mental health services, substance use treatment, and life skills training.

Once settled into their new home, the positive changes became evident. Without the daily stress of survival on the streets, they had the mental space to reflect on their past and set new goals for the future. Over time, the transformation was remarkable. The anger and aggression that once defined them began to subside. They learned effective communication skills, conflict resolution strategies, and emotional regulation techniques. As their self-esteem grew, they started envisioning a different life for themselves.

After years of hard work and dedication, they graduated from the HOMES Housing First program. They had not only maintained their housing, but had also rebuilt their life from the ground up. Today, they live independently in their own house within the community, surrounded by a network of friends and mentors who continue to uplift and support them and in turn, this individual now lends their support
to others.

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