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Impact Stories: Stories of Hope

The G. Murray and Edna Forbes Foundation Fund Supports Carmichael Outreach's Basement Floor Repairs

During spring of 2023, SSCF launched its Giving Catalogue as a way for charities to reach out to potential donors with their most prominent and pressing needs. Carmichael Outreach reached out to the community through the Giving Catalogue to seek financial support for urgent building maintenance. 

Carmichael Outreach is a non-profit organization supporting the homeless, those living in poverty, with chronic illness, addictions, and mental illness in the community. They settled into their new home in December of 2019 after spending two years renovating the space. 

As time has passed, there has been some significant basement floor shifting. Every bit of space in Carmichael’s building is utilized, so several offices have been directly impacted by the floor shifting. This includes the inflicting of body aches to staff using the offices. 

Unsure where to turn, Carmichael Outreach was hopeful that their needs would be supported by donors through the Giving Catalogue without taking essential money and resources away from their invaluable community-based services. 

The fund advisors of the G. Murray and Edna Forbes Foundation Fund held at the SSCF quickly responded to Carmichael’s needs and donated to support the repairs in full at a total of $13,574. Because of this generosity, Carmichael Outreach is able to spend more time and energy focusing on their mission and support community members in need. 

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