2024 Moffat Family Fund Grant Results

The Community Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the February 28, 2024 Moffat Family Fund grants. This year the Fund supported 11 charitable programs for a total of $101,501. The fund is intended to support and advance the economic, social, physical and intellectual well-being of children and families, consistent with and in furtherance of the vision and mission of the Moffat Family Fund within the City of Moose Jaw and District.

Congratulations to the successful applicants!

Total Amount Funded (11 Grants): $101,501

February 28, 2024 Recipients ($101,501.00 to 11 Organizations):

This project is dedicated to breaking down socio-economic barriers for underprivileged youth in Moose Jaw by providing them with life-changing artistic and cultural experiences. Through a partnership with Creative Kids, we aim to empower 30 children from low-income families with up to $750 each, granting them access to the same creative opportunities enjoyed by their more privileged peers. From music lessons to dance classes, these activities will not only develop their artistic talents but also instill invaluable life skills such as self-confidence, teamwork, and resilience. By supporting our initiative, you can help cultivate personal growth, boost self-esteem, and foster a sense of belonging within our community, ensuring every child has the chance to flourish and realize their dreams through the transformative power of the arts. 

Project Name: Child Nutrition Grant – Milk and Milk Product Program

This project is to provide an intricate part to our daily lunch program. The project will provide milk and milk products to 400+ children daily in the Moose Jaw schools. It is also designed to support and maintain children and families with positive nutrition. 

This project’s purpose is to mentor youth through Outdoor Adventure activities and Work Skills training to contribute to youth well-being and mental health. 

Project Name: Work Skills Training

This project will provide opportunities for youth to gain work skills that will help them recognize and develop their skills, see their worth and value, and become successful, contributing members of society. Mentorship is an important part of this project. 

Project Name: Outdoor Adventure

Joe’s Place also sponsors youth to attend day trips, camps & retreats that provide the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature while participating in life-changing physical activities led by caring adults and peers. Team building, mentorship and life skills development are also very important parts of this project. 

Provide a community-driven initiative that not only addresses the immediate needs of families facing food insecurity but also aims to create a lasting impact by providing them with a comprehensive range of fresh, perishable foods, and pantry staples. Through fostering a sense of ownership and self-sufficiency among participants, the initiative seeks to build a supportive community where individuals actively contribute to their well-being. This aligns with the values of MJFS, which are to empower individuals through collaboration, compassion, and respect, ultimately working towards a more resilient and nourished community. 

…address the unique needs of children who have recently moved to Canada, offering them a supportive and enriching experience to ease their transition and enhance their overall well-being. This program addresses the following: 

Integration and Socialization: provides a supportive and structured setting for kids. 

Language Development: provides opportunities for children to practice and improve their language skills.

Cultural Exposure: introduces participants to the local culture, traditions, and customs. 

Emotional Support: offers a safe and supportive environment. 

Community Building: kids and their families can establish connections with others who are going through similar experiences. 

Skill Development: focuses on developing various skills. 

Health and Wellness: summer activities promotes physical well-being.

…offer free attendance for the 2024 Summer Art & Culture Camps for disadvantaged students ages 3 to 10 in the community of Moose Jaw. In addition, we will include summer & fall classes names “CREATEabilities: Art classes for individuals with special needs and learning differences”, at an extremely reduced rate. The children’s camp will consist of 6 week long in person sessions in July & August. (including partnerships with the Moose Jaw Multicultural Council). Teen workshops will consist of 5 classes instructed by established artists in the community and will focus on relevant art practices. In the fall, 6 classes will be held accommodating up to 20 youth and adult participants with learning differences. Lastly, the project will aid with there-socialization of youth focusing on art as a form of community and fellowship.

Expand our children’s programming to hire .25 FTE Children’s Worker to provide Therapeutic Play for children that have been exposed to violence and reside in our shelter and participate in our outreach programs. Through their participation in therapeutic play, children learn that they are not alone int heir journey, find their voice, and ultimately being to see their future in a new light.

Educate students in grades 7 through 12 about the risks and consequences of alcohol, drugs, and impaired driving. 

Support young people in our community to develop reading and writing skills with no barriers to entry. Literacy is down throughout the school systems and this aims to increase a love of reading and writing, as well as self esteem, through instruction from a professional author. 

Support the unhoused through a levelled housing, food security and connect individuals to the services they need in order that they maintain, housing, health and well-being. We need a special projects coordinator who will assist people who require housing support. Working as a catalyst to assist people to identify their needs, the coordinator will work with agencies such as Moose Jaw Housing, mental health, public health, police, Indigenous and Metis organizations among others. The Coordinator will assist the committee with activities such as coordination of meal schedules with churches, other organizations for the food insecure. Other responsibilities include coordinating fundraising for our funds development committee (volunteers). This is ongoing in our attempt to resolve this issue in our community through an updated action plan.

Provide mentorship services to children and youth (aged 6-18) who demonstrate persistent behaviour, emotional or social concerns. Participants have difficulties with peer relationships, lack a positive role model as well as have limited connections to the community or existing social networks. This program is intended to support youth by providing positive adult role models, access to services, connection to peers and to develop tools to support emotional regulation, anxiety and food security.

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