Regina & Area Sexual Assault Centre's "Prevent It" Program Receives $2.5K

In 2022, Regina & Area Sexual Assault Centre (RSAC) was granted $2,500 through the South Saskatchewan Vital Community Fund for their “Prevent It” program.

The centre aims to reduce and eliminate the impacts of sexual violence in the communities they serve through education, support and advocacy. The “Prevent It” program was a pilot project summer camp for youth to address the risks of sexual violence.

Brianna Taylor, Counsellor at RSAC, explains, “We actually partnered with Little Warriors and Safe Places. They had been developing a curriculum throughout COVID that could be offered online for teens and kids… We selected a few of their modules to pilot and ran two separate sessions throughout the

“It created this environment where it was safe and felt comfortable to discuss some of the preventative education that sometimes feels really big and scary for kids. By the end of our program we had parents reaching out to us saying that it was their kids’ favourite camp of the summer and this offered a really good foundation for them to continue to have some of these conversations about prevention, healthy relationships, mental health and consent at home.”
Brianna Taylor
RSAC Counsellor

Lisa Miller, Executive Director at RSAC, stresses the importance that funding like this has on their ability to run essential programs throughout the year. She says, “Non-profits work on pretty tight budgets, so when we want to run programs like this that need a little additional boost to funding to be able to offer… it was so important and we are so thankful.”

SSCF sends our deepest appreciation to RSAC and the incredibly important work they’re doing in our communities.