Fund – South Saskatchewan Community Foundation

South Saskatchewan Community Foundation Funds

SSCF invests for the long-term with Endowment Funds that focus on impact in our community. In addition to distributing grants to worthy causes throughout the year, we pool many visionary philanthropists’ and organizations’ funds – investing them together for a higher return. This allows donors to make their charitable grants not just once, but year after year. Our work equates to a more effective gift today for now and tomorrow.

General Fund

Donations to this Fund are directed by SSCF’s Board of Directors based on the Foundation’s current strategic priorities. For example, this could be used as a top-up to the income available for Smart & Caring Fund grants, or to activate an urgent community initiative.

Operations Fund

Donating to this Fund allows SSCF to expand their internal capacity to facilitate philanthropy, support local charities, and develop our communities so that south Saskatchewan is a more vital, strong, and fair place to live.