Big Sky Centre for Learning and Being Astonished! Funds

We work towards inclusive community where young adults with complex physical disAbilities can share their dreams, explore their strengths, and lead others to a more authentically inclusive society. Operating on a user-led model, we address barriers and offer innovative services and programs in the areas of teaching and learning; social, recreational and cultural engagement; self discovery and vocation. Supporting Astonished means supporting inclusive community and meaningful opportunities for young adults experiencing complex physical disabilities.

Endowment Fund

Donations to this Endowment Fund grow over time and will benefit those in need for many years to come.

Non-Endowment Fund

Donations to this Non-Endowment Fund helps us respond to immediate strengths, dreams and needs of young adults experiencing complex physical disAbilities.

10% Agency Matching Program

Thanks to an anonymous donor, this new initiative allows the Foundation to match 10% of all donations made to an Agency Legacy Fund held at our Foundation. Take advantage of our Agency Matching Program today to further enhance the impact your donation will have for years to come.

* For Big Sky Centre for Learning and Being Astonished! Funds, the 10% Agency Matching Program applies to the Endowment Fund only.