Joyce Gemmell Jessen Habitat Conservation Fund

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September 1st Deadline (11:59pm)

Please Note: Guidelines and Criteria may change prior to the application process opening for the September 1 deadline.
The application process will be open in our Online Grant Portal June 1, 2022

Results can be expected to be communicated during the month of November.

If you have barriers with applying or reporting through SSCF’s Online Grant Portal please contact us as soon as possible to discuss alternatives.


Grant Amount (Project): $10,000

Grant Amount (Land Acquisition/Conservation): $25,000


The purpose of the grant is to support projects that preserve and conserve Saskatchewan’s native flora and fauna.


Successful grantees are required to submit a Final Grant Report (using the Final Grant Report Form) within twelve (12) months of the date the grant was processed. The report will indicate all progress related to the goals and evaluation measures identified in the proposal application.

Guidelines and Criteria

1) In order to be eligible to apply for a grant, an organization must be a registered charity, qualified donee as defined in the Income Tax Act (Canada) or have an affiliation agreement with and a letter of endorsement of the program from a qualified done such as a registered municipality.


2) Priority shall be given to specific projects in southern Saskatchewan related to:

3) Funds shall not be used for:

4) Preference is given to projects that affect work at the local level, encourage local partnerships, and leverage additional sources of funding.


5) Organizations with any overdue SSCF reporting may be ineligible to apply to or receive new funds from SSCF.

How to Apply

Application Checklist

To be considered a complete application, the following documentation must be received by SSCF by the deadline (September 1, 2022 – 11:59pm):

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