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George Butt Supporting the Heart of Arcola

The George Butt Foundation Fund Story

In 2008, George Butt created an endowed Fund through SSCF to benefit his hometown of Arcola for generations to come. Each year, the George Butt Foundation Fund provides support to Prairie Place Hall, Arcola Curling Club, St. Andrews United Church, and Arcola Cemetery.
Because George’s gift is endowed, it will continue to grow over time. This means his donation will continue to provide stable and consistent yearly funding to his hometown, forever.

“Having someone like George give back to our community is so huge and beneficial for us... The curling rink and the hall are really the heart of our community and all of those facilities are non-profit, so having donations towards them really does help plan for the future.

- Christie Hislop, Town of Arcola Administrator

When the Mayor of Arcola, Scott Tessier, was asked about the impact of George’s donation, he said, “It’s really important to be able to have stable funding in order to operate and keep things going. If there were more Funds like [George’s] that brought in more stable funding for us it would help a lot.”

Endowed funding, or “forever” funding, can empower donors to support the places they cherish far into the future.

“People who want to give back right where they live, where their business is, or where they grew up can work with SSCF to ensure their community benefits, forever, from their gifts. Thank you, George, for making a difference in Arcola,” said Donna Ziegler, Executive Director at SSCF.

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