Research shows that only 7% of Canadians would leave money to charity in their will, if left to their own devices. However, if the issue is raised with them, perhaps when drawing up a will or financial plan, the figure rises to 27% – more than a three-fold increase.

Professional Advisors eResource is designed to share CFC’s charitable expertise with financial planners, lawyers, accountants and others, so they can work more effectively with their clients on a topic that may be relatively new to them.

SSCF Professional Advisor Brochure

Canadian Charitable Gift Matrix


  • Provide professional advisors with the tools they need to help their clients fulfill their charitable goals
  • Connect professional advisors and their clients to community foundations and local charitable causes
  • Promote charitable giving


  • Presents the rationale for raising the issue of charitable giving along with suggestions for “Asking the Giving Question”
  • Helps tailor strategies the individual with “Overview of the Life Stages of Giving” – what type of giving makes sense at various stages
  • Takes the guesswork out of gift options with “Gift Planning Matrix,” describing the features and benefits of various gift instruments