Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day! We’d like to take a moment to celebrate and endlessly thank the incredible Indigenous individuals who are helping shape a better future for our community through their hard work and guidance of the Foundation.
Thank you to our Truth and Reconciliation Fund advisors, Treena Amyotte, Ceane Dusyk, Kristin Francis, Raquel Pasap, and Audra Young for helping get important funding into the hands of organizations working to create a stronger future. Thank you to our board members Denis Carignan and Edmund Bellegarde for their commitment and oversight of the Foundation. And a special thanks to our staff member, Tiffany Caron, for her amazing dedication to the Foundation and its mission every day. Tiffany also introduced the Foundation to its first Elder, and her grandmother, the late Margaret Masney. Elder Masney’s involvement is a core piece that launched our Foundation’s journey.
Join us in thanking them and congratulating them for all they do to make our community a better place. THANK YOU!
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