Regina Work Prep Centre upgrades the LEJF Computer Resource Centre.

The Regina Work Prep Centre recently needed funding to upgrade computers and monitors in the Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation (LEJF) Computer Resource Centre and Computer Classroom (CRC). The LEJF expanded their commitment to Work Prep’s cause and provided $15,000 in upgrades to the CRC.

The new technology will allow the CRC to use smaller desktop computers, increase desk space, and reduce touch points for individual contact. This allows Work Prep to continue to offer services safely and efficiently during the current pandemic.

Ashley Boha, Executive Director of Regina Work Prep Centre, explains how the upgrades are going to make a difference. She says, “Access to up-to-date technology really provides our patrons with a sense of belonging and gives them the resources needed to enhance their opportunities to enter the workforce. Without the contributions of the LEJF, we would most likely not be able to provide the level of service and technology we have today. We greatly appreciate the Foundation’s commitment to upscaling workforce development.”

Eric Johnson, Board Chair of the LEJF, reinforces the foundation’s commitment to Regina Work Prep Centre saying, “We’re very proud to partner with the Work Prep Centre. The LEJF takes its commitment very seriously to assist organizations like the Work Prep Centre in Regina and surrounding area to add to the richness of our community.”

This project is expected to support approximately 6000 job seekers over the span of four years on their journey to employment. Truly making our community a stronger place to live for all.

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