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Jack Ritenburg, Board member with his buddy, Maddie

Planting the Seeds of a Heartfelt Home

More than $170,000 granted to a variety of charitable organizations since 2013.

Along with brothers, David and Jim, the Ritenburg family’s commitment to philanthropy was channeled in formative years when parents, Isabel and Lorne, instilled the importance of sowing community seeds to help ‘pay it forward’. They raised their family in the growing city of Regina and nurtured a sense of being good neighbours and friends.

Both Lorne and Isabel grew up as young children during the Great Depression of the 30’s and knew firsthand of the hardships and difficulties of the people of Saskatchewan. They were founding and lifelong members of St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Regina. Lorne started the firm, L.H. Ritenburg & Associates Ltd. in 1959. Today, some 60 years later, the consulting electrical engineering firm still serves as a professional industry leader having designed literally thousands of noteworthy projects throughout the province. Isabel, a career social worker with Social Services and the Regina Board of Education, helped and changed many lives over her decades of service. Both Lorne and Isabel loved the arts, music and theatre and were longtime supporters of both amateur and professional organizations.

The Ritenburg Family Fund at SSCF was started in 2013 and has since bestowed more than $170,000 to various charitable organizations which are close to the family’s principles. In addition, the family has a Scholarship Fund which provides financial assistance for students at their alma maters, the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan. While Isabel passed away before being able to see much of the Fund’s great work, it was gratifying that Lorne witnessed and guided on a number of important outcomes.

Jack, David and Jim currently serve as the Fund Advisors for their family’s Foundation Fund. The decisions for the Fund are made by the brothers.

“When deciding on allocations, we respect our parents’ dedication and sacrifices to accomplish what they did,” says Jack. “We want their legacy to represent their wide-ranging priorities and strongly upheld values. We are most pleased when the impact of grants from the Family Fund can be increased through special foundation initiatives to help meet community priorities and goals.”

Jim echoes the family’s focus and gratitude. “Our parents were very much in tune with the notion of helping people,” says Jim. “We lived in a home where the church was central to our lives and we were always involved in church activities and programs.”

Today, the Ritenburg family thrives on seeing their next generation also do great things in their lives. While family members live in other parts of Canada, the common base is caring and doing what they can to help others.

Jack says having SSCF’s support and guidance with their Fund makes a big difference for the family.

SSCF thanks Jack for his commitment to its Board, and the entire Ritenburg family for the great vision through their family’s endowed Fund.

As a trusted confidante, the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation really takes the administration of the Fund off our shoulders. The team steps up for us whenever needed.

Jack Ritenburg

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