G. Murray and Edna Forbes Foundation Fund

The G. Murray and Edna Forbes Foundation at the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation accepts applications for grants.  Applications must be submitted by September 1 each year for review.

Successful grantees are required to submit a grant report within twelve (12) months of the date the grant was processed The report will indicate all progress related to the goals and evaluation measures identified in the proposal application.

An audited financial statement for the most recent fiscal year and a project budget should be submitted. 

The purpose of the grant is to support charitable organizations and causes in Southern Saskatchewan.  Southern Saskatchewan is defined from Davidson to the southern border with the United States and the provincial borders with Alberta and Manitoba.

Please review the Guidelines and Criteria prior to submitting an application.

Guidelines & Criteria Apply Online


Mail/Fax/Email Applications

For applications via mail/fax/email, please download the PDF Application Form below.

PDF Application Form


NOTE: To view the PDF format you will required Adobe Reader, which is available as a free download from:
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