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Did you know that South Saskatchewan Community Foundation (SSCF) can help donors, like you, make an impact right where you live? As a matter of fact, in 2022, we helped donors return over $6.5 to 219 charities across south Saskatchewan.

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Through legacy giving you can give back to charitable causes, now and forever.

When a donation is invested through SSCF, it is planted as a seed that lives on forever. This means your donation will grow and give back forever. This is possible through expert financial management of over $95,000,000 in pooled investments. When your donation gets pooled with these investments, it means your donation has the ability to grow faster, and you will be able to give back more to charitable causes as a result.

Donor investments are pooled.

Money from all funds are pooled together and invested.

Gains are granted to charities.

Income is generated on the original investments and profits are used to make grants to charitable causes each year.

What does your donation today look like 25 years from now? What about 50 years from now?

When you give to a charity today, it is likely that you expect them to use your donation within the comings months. However, once your donation is used, it is gone forever. Through legacy giving, you’re able to create a fund with your donation that builds over time and grant back to charities, year after year. This means over time you will give back more than your initial donation, and continue to give far into the future for many generations to come.

The example below shows the difference between a one-time donation of $100,000 compared to what happens when you establish a Legacy Fund with SSCF and grant out to charities each year with your donation. 

Within 25 years, you potentially will have given more back to charities than your initial donation amount. By 50 years, your donation will have grown far past your initial donation while your principle fund balance continues to grow as well.

Legacy Giving VS One-Time Donation ($100K)*


Total Granted After 1 Year = $3,500 (Fund Balance is $102,000)
Total Granted After 10 Years = $38,342 (Fund Balance is $121,899)
Total Granted After 25 Years = $112,106 (Fund Balance is $164,061)
Total Granted After 50 Years = $296,028 (Fund Balance is $269,159)

*The example above is based on a 3.5% disbursement rate from your Legacy Fund each year and assumes no further donations beyond the one-time donation. This rate is used for example purposes. All returns, fees, and administration fees used in the calculations are based off data from 2008 to 2022 (includes two of the toughest market years). Future results are not guaranteed and actual disbursements and results can differ. For more details, reach out to a SSCF representative.

There are many ways you can give.

South Saskatchewan Community Foundation staff have the expertise to help you give in a wide variety of ways. We work with you to find what works best for your personal situation. Some common ways people will leave gifts are through a will, estate, or even stocks. Below are a few examples of ways you can give through our Foundation.

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Stocks (Publicly Traded)
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Mutual Funds or RRSPs
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Land or Mineral Rights
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Real Estate
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Life Insurance Policies
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Private Company Shares
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Works of Art
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Charitable Remainder Trust
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See how other donors are leaving their legacies.

George Butt Supporting the Heart of Arcola​

In 2008, George Butt created an endowed Fund through SSCF to benefit his hometown of Arcola for generations to come. Each year, the George Butt Foundation Fund provides support to Prairie Place Hall, Arcola Curling Club, St. Andrews United Church, and Arcola Cemetery.

Because George’s gift is endowed, it will continue to grow over time. This means his donation will continue to provide stable and consistent yearly funding to his hometown, forever.

The Saros Cowasjee Small Animal Fund

Throughout his life, Saros Cowasjee (1931-2019) was very generous both in his support, the time for students as a Professor and his passion for helping small animals. The Saros Cowasjee Small Animal Foundation Fund was established in 2008 at SSCF. The income from this Fund was often donated to Humane Societies throughout southern Saskatchewan.

Since his estate bestowment in 2020, the Fund was able to give back $62,657 in 2021 and $114,965 in 2022.  His estate donated over $2.2 million to the Fund and the impact of granting from his Fund increased from $12k per year to over $100k per year – and it will only keep growing and giving.

Are you ready to leave your legacy?
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