Challenge the Status Quo: Reimagining the Nonprofit Sector

March 6, 2024

South Saskatchewan Community Foundation and Virtus Group LLP are excited to present UnCharitable, a documentary about the non-profit sector.

This documentary is based on the book UnCharitable by Dan Pallotta. It is a heartfelt call to action to change the way the non-profit sector is viewed and challenges the traditional constraints that have hindered organizations’ ability to give back to the communities they serve.

We are pleased to offer two showings of the film and while each showing has a specific focus to enhance networking opportunities, attendees are welcome to attend either event. We look forward to sharing the concepts in the movie and hope you will join us on March 6, 2024.

Showing Details

Afternoon Showing

Suggested Audience: Not for profit management and employees

Join us for an afternoon of light refreshments as we experience the heartfelt call to action that UnCharitable will share with viewers. After the movie, there will be a short panel discussion about the film and its potential impact on the non-profit community. We hope that you will stay for some networking and share your thoughts about the movie.

Evening Showing

Suggested Audience: Not for profit board members, donors, community supporters

Join us for an evening of refined refreshments and appetizers as we experience the profound call to action UnCharitable will showcase. After the movie presentation, there will be a short discussion regarding the themes featured within the film. We hope that you will stay after the movie to network and share your thoughts about concepts shared.

* Although the tickets are free, we still require a registration as there are a limited number of seats available at the venue.

About Dan Pallotta

Dan Pallotta has been revolutionizing the non-profit sector since 1994 and has since been working to help change the perspective people have on how the sector is run. His successes began when he helped to create the first ever AIDS Rides and Breast Cancer 3-Days campaigns, a brand new way to fundraise on a massive scale. They proved to be widely successful, however concerns began to surface regarding why the initiatives weren’t receiving more of the funds. This scrutiny is a double edged sword within the industry, as you can’t have results without investing in the means to obtain them. 

In Dan’s well received 2013 TED Talk, he highlights this double standard, and aims to bring awareness that taking risks is what’s needed in order to make a true difference. Within the sector, organizations are expected to achieve similar successes as for profit organizations, yet are restricted to spending little to no money in order to achieve it. This leads to non-profits being commended for how little they spend, rather than the results of their community impact. 

In this bold talk, he says: Let’s change the way we think about changing the world.

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