Broncs Football Capital Project Fund

What does it mean to be a Broncs Player?

Photo Credit: Indian Head Museum

The main goal of the Broncs program is to not only create great football players, but even better human beings. The Broncs Football program continues to grow in size and diversity as we welcome more female athletes and Indigenous youth from Indian Head and our co-op schools located in Wolseley, Carry the Kettle First Nation, Vibank, and Montmartre. Ongoing community support provides opportunities to enrich the lives of a great number of young men and women through the sport of football. Once a Bronc, always a Bronc!

The McCALL Field Improvement Project

We’re almost there! The McCall Field Improvement Project is entering its final stages. This multi-phase project includes an irrigation system, football field & track resurfacing, upgraded bleachers and permanent field lighting, and comes at an estimated cost of $300,000. All projects, except for the new bleachers, are entering completion. The field lighting was completed ahead of schedule, which put a strain on our club finances. We are so grateful to an anonymous donor, who stepped up and provided an interest free loan of $80,000 to assist in paying for the cost of the lighting. This loan will need to be paid back over a 2 year term, and the Broncs will also have to pay for the completion of the bleachers. As we enter our 2024 football season, the total outstanding balance left to fundraise is close to $110,000.

Now we call on the Broncs nation to help finish this project off! Your purchase of a bleacher seat, for only $200 per seat, will help with a portion of these costs. All donations, no matter how big or small, are sincerely appreciated and bring us closer to the finish line. These upgrades will benefit not only the students and athletes of IHHS but also community based sports groups such as the Indian Head Eagles Soccer Club and Indian Head Community Football both of whom use the facility to run their spring programs. These facility improvements will provide more opportunities for event hosting, a safer space for athletes, expanded seating for spectators and in turn increased economic opportunities for businesses in our community. This project is only made possible by the commitment of our multiple volunteers, sponsors, and partners. The passion and dedication of our volunteers, who contribute hundreds of hours every year, are the backbone of the Broncs Football organization. Without them, our football program would not exist.

History of the Broncs

Photo Credit: Indian Head Museum

There is conflicting information as to whether the very first Broncs Football team was formed in 1947, ‘48 or ’49.  However, according to local sports historian, the late Ken “Scoop” McCabe the Broncs inaugural season was 1948.  The team has gone through changes over the years – initially the name being spelled “Bronks”, team colors going from purple & white to blue, white & yellow and going from 9 man to 8 man, to 6 man and then back to 9 man.  McCall Field’s namesake, Coach Dave McCall was head coach of the team from 1964 – 1987.  Although football was very popular for several decades, the team disbanded after the 1997 season.  Reports vary as to why, but it is suspected that waning interest from players and coaches, aging equipment and lack of funding finally took its toll.  

Fast forward to 2011 when current coach Timothy Klein recognized a renewed interest from students wanting to play.  The Prairie Valley School Division agreed to allow the resurrection of the Broncs Football program but only if the team could somehow raise $10,000 from outside funding.  The community of Indian Head quickly got behind the idea and within a few short weeks the $10,000 had been collected from many supporters.  Coach Klein also realized it would take many volunteers to run a successful program and so the Broncs Parents Association was born.  President Amy Redding was instrumental in its creation and success until 2015 at which time she passed the torch to current president Virginia Horsman.  The association provides financial support for some annual expenses not covered by the school budget and for capital projects. During its rich 75 year history, the Broncs have captured 5 Provincial Championships in 1962, 1963, 1966, 2013 and 2019.  The Broncs were also silver medalists in 2017, 2018 & 2022. 

Gallery Photo Credits: Indian Head Museum

Donor Recognition Levels:

Broncs Legacy Seating

Donations of $200 or more – will receive a legacy name plaque on the new bleachers.  Currently we have a maximum of 250 legacy plaques available – therefore, the first 250 donors will be commemorated. (donors must indicate on their donation notes the number of plaques and names for each)

Donor Recognition Wall

Donations falling within this range will be permanently recognized for their contribution on or Donor Wall at McCall Field

  • Bronze Donor – $500
  • Silver Donor – $1000
  • Gold Donor – $2500
  • Platinum Donor – $5000 or more

10% Charity Matching Program

Thanks to an anonymous donor, this new initiative allows the Foundation to match 10% of all donations made to a Charity Legacy Fund held at our Foundation. Take advantage of our Charity Matching Program today to further enhance the impact your donation will have for years to come.