Giving as an Individual or Family

Why Give with South Saskatchewan Community Foundation?

Over our lifetime, we may live in various communities and homes. We gain life lessons from our workplaces and have memories of our family roots. Many want to leave a legacy to help make a difference in those communities. With SSCF, there are many options you can consider. Let’s start our discussion about your dreams for tomorrow, today!

You can provide ongoing support for your favourite causes in southern Saskatchewan, across Canada, and around the world. Whatever you want to accomplish, we’ll be happy to work with you to realize your vision for a better community.

With SSCF, you can create your endowment with $10,000.

You can donate it all at once or take up to 10 years to reach the total amount. This flexibility allows people from a variety of financial backgrounds to create endowment funds. The money in a fund is not immediately granted. Instead, your gift is invested, and a percentage is disbursed to the charity of your choice.

Hear our Podcast on Family Business Giving.

We are joined by Dr. Tom Deans, The New York Times Top-Ten Author of Every Family’s Business. With more than 1 million copies sold, it remains the best-selling family business book of all-time. Dr. Deans has delivered more than 1000 keynote speeches in 26 countries and talks with us about transitioning family business wealth and the importance of creating impact through community giving.

Endowment and Non-Endowment Funds

Endowment Fund – The Forever Fund

An Endowment or “Forever” Fund is made up of one or many monetary gifts from a single donor or a group. The gifts are pooled and permanently invested with all of SSCF’s assets for long-term growth. The Board of Directors at SSCF set the disbursement amounts based on overall investment growth. Above the capital investment, there is yearly earned income. The annual earned income provides a source of revenue to be used for a charitable purpose. This type of Fund is permanent charitable giving that grows and generates income over time, enabling grants to be given now…and forever. You can review our Annual Report on the various Endowed Funds at SSCF.

Donors benefit from financial investment expertise and oversight, lower investment fees, board oversight, staff support, website presence, ease of administering and accepting cash and non-cash gifts and the opportunity to give back more than your original gift to the charitable activities you care about.

Non-Endowed Fund

This type of Fund can be created after an Endowment Fund is created and operationalized. This type of non-permanent Fund provides the freedom for donors to donate cash and non-cash gifts into the Fund. SSCF staff can work with donors on their type of gifts. SSCF can provide a charitable receipt for their donation. With approval of the SSCF Board of Directors, the Fund Advisor can grant at any time as much as is available (less investment and administration fees) to their Agency or another charity as needed, i.e. programming grants or operations. This is not a legacy fund. It doesn’t have the same disbursement restrictions on the full amount of the balance and can be directed back to the agency at any time requested by the agency.

Unlike the Endowed Fund, the Non-Endowed has no principal balance that must remain in the Fund. Any portion of a Non-Endowed can be moved to an Endowed Fund at SSCF at any time. The Non-Endowed Funds are pooled with other assets. Non-Endowed Funds may receive the same benefits of reduced investment and administration fees as Endowed Funds, if they are pooled for the required amount of time.

Types of Funds to Create

Unrestricted Funds

Address emerging community needs quickly.

Donor Advised Fund

Match your interests with your commitment.

Donor Designated Fund

Specify your interest; increase your impact.

Community Building Fund

Contribute to your community in a priority way.

Field of Interest Fund

Decide on area of interest and we’ll match the community needs.

Scholarship Fund

Pave the way for future generations.

Need guidance to donate or create a fund? Contact us and we will gladly help.

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