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Giving Catalogue - Charity Eligibility

Who is eligible to be included in the Giving Catalogue? 

A registered charity – registered with Canada Revenue Agency and a Department of National Revenue Taxation Charity Registration number is an eligibility requirement. If the applicant is not registered, the applicant is required to have a formal partner with charitable status and a form agreement with the partner. 

What activities are eligible to be included in the Giving Catalogue? 

  • Must be charitable in nature; and
  • Must be for the benefit of the south Saskatchewan community. 

What activities are not eligible to be included in the Giving Catalogue?

  • To build an endowment, contingencies, repay debts or loans;
  • To primarily benefit individuals (scholarships);
  • To support initiatives without specific benefit to south Saskatchewan;
  • Grants are not made to any religious organizations where the funds would be used to further the organization’s religious purposes;
  • To support political activity, or activity that is prohibited by the Canada Revenue Agency;
  • To support fundraising, advertising or marketing activities;
  • To support activities that promote discrimination or that do not comply with SSCF policy.
  • To support organizations engaged in multiple activities, which might redistribute SSCF funds to other organizations.
  • To support projects normally financed by public tax funds or that appear to be sufficiently funded. 

If you believe your charity has an eligible initiative to add to the Giving Catalogue, reach out to SSCF for more information.

Phone: 1-306-751-4756