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Grant Deadlines: March 1 and September 1 (September 2 for 2024) (11:59pm)
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Background and Purpose

Grants are made to promote social, cultural, religious, and other activities deemed beneficial to communities in southern Saskatchewan with priority given to the City of Regina. Grants often focus on supporting outreach to those in need, providing educational opportunities, and supporting the arts. For a better understanding the purpose of the grant program, please read the below description of the Johnsons and the Regina Spirit.

Guidelines and Criteria

Types of Grants

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The typical grant range is from $5,000 to $15,000.

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Application Checklist

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The Johnsons and the Regina Spirit

The Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation was established in 1962 with the objective of furthering the religious, educational and cultural life of Regina and the Province of Saskatchewan. The Johnsons saw the foundation as a way for them to continue to support those activities in which they had participated, and for so long enjoyed.

Lorne Johnson was born in Aylmer, Ontario, and moved west in 1906 to work in Winnipeg for the general land agent of the Canadian Northern Railway. He moved to Regina in 1909 when he acquired an interest in the Eastern Saskatchewan Land Company.

In 1911, Mr. Johnson was one of a small group of Regina businessmen who organized Sterling Trust Corporation, which later expanded its activities beyond Saskatchewan and established its head office in Toronto. He was the general manager of its Saskatchewan branch from 1918 until he resigned in 1941. He was also president and director of several other companies including Lorne Johnson Co. Ltd.

Mr. Johnson married Evelyn Vrooman in 1916. She was a native of Ontario and a graduate of the Toronto Conservatory School of Expression where she also studied piano. After graduation, she taught public speaking and dramatic art. Mrs. Johnson was a member of the Women’s Art Associate of Canada and the Canadian Literature Club.

Mrs. Johnson was very active in promoting the interest and role of women in Canadian Society. She held offices in the Local Council of Women of Regina, the Provincial Council of Women, and was a life-member of the National Council of Women. She was also active in the Women’s Canadian Club and the Red Cross, where she held offices at the local and provincial level.

The couple was active in the social and cultural life of Regina. They were both active supporters of Regina College. He was a member of the Board of Directors from 1918 to 1935 when it was taken over by the University of Saskatchewan. She served on the executive of the Women’s Educational Club. Mr. Johnson was one of the founders of the Regina Symphony Orchestra and the Regina Orchestral Society, serving as president and director. Mrs. Johnson was a governor of the Regina Orchestral Auxiliary from 1935 to her death, and was a member of the Regina Women’s Music Club for many years.

They were active and enthusiastic patrons of the arts. He was president and long-time member of the Regina Art Centre Association and she was a member of the Women’s Art Association of Canada.

In addition to their cultural activities, the Johnsons were active in many other organizations: he in the Masonic Lodge, the Wa Wa Shrine, the Order of Demolay, and she in the Forget Chapter of the I.O.D.E., the Victorian Order of Nurses, and Big Sisters.

Mr. Johnson died in 1971 and his wife died in 1978.

Regina Work Prep's Story

The Regina Work Preparation Centre recently needed funding to upgrade computers and monitors in the Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation (LEJF) Computer Resource Centre and Computer Classroom (CRC). The LEJF expanded their commitment to Work Prep’s cause and provided $15,000 in upgrades to the CRC.
The new technology will allow the CRC to use smaller desktop computers, increase desk space, and reduce touch points for individual contact. This allows Work Prep to continue to offer services safely and efficiently during the current pandemic.
Ashley Boha, Executive Director of Regina Work Prep Centre, explains how the upgrades are going to make a difference. She says, “Access to up-to-date technology really provides our patrons with a sense of belonging and gives them the resources needed to enhance their opportunities to enter the workforce. Without the contributions of the LEJF, we would most likely not be able to provide the level of service and technology we have today. We greatly appreciate the Foundation’s commitment to upscaling workforce development.”
Eric Johnson, Board Chair of the LEJF, reinforces the foundation’s commitment to Regina Work Prep Centre saying, “We’re very proud to partner with the Work Prep Centre. The LEJF takes its commitment very seriously to assist organizations like the Work Prep Centre in Regina and surrounding area to add to the richness of our community.”
This project is expected to support approximately 6000 job seekers over the span of four years on their journey to employment. Truly making our community a stronger place to live for all.

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